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About Perfect-Pets

Perfect-Pets is your one-stop destination for finding deeply informative, insightful and helpful guides, how-tos and articles on all things pet care. If you’ve ever wondered “how to care for your cat?” or “how to care for your dog?”, then you’re sure to find a guide or article here which will help in providing your adorable little friend with the best care possible.

The books we publish on cat care and dog care cover a broad range of topics to help you better understand your pet’s needs. These range from first aid basics and optimal diets to vaccinations, microchips, insurance, breed care, dog training, and much more.

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A Sneak Peak Into Our Guides

To give you a better sense of how much we love
pet care and help both cat lovers and dog lovers alike provide their beloved
companions withthe best care – here’s a preview of some of the books available at Perfect-Pets:


Books For Cat Owners

First Aid for Cats: The Essential Guide and Cat Care: The Essential Guide both offer insights and information on how to provide the best possible care to your beloved feline, including the best cat food.

The first book is an exclusive guide which offers the latest and most extensively researched information on how to deal with cat emergencies, including what to do when accidents or injuries occur. It’s written in a very light-hearted and easy-to-understand tone, making cat care fun, insightful and interesting. In the book, you’ll find a lot more than just first aid for cats – such as what kind of general treatment to administer your cat under specific health conditions, which include bleeding, heatstroke, burns, hypothermia, and a range of common cat illnesses and injuries.

The second book contains pretty much everything you need to know to nurture your cat from infancy to adulthood. It includes invaluable information on what it takes to own a cat and provide it with the best care throughout its respective infancy and adulthood years, including any issues you might run into, especially when your cat is in its early and ‘teenage’ years. You’ll also find important tips on dangerous foods and drinks you must avoid feeding your cat at all costs and the best course of action to take, should your cat every contract an illness or suffer an accident. As with the first book, the language and tone is informal, fun to read and never lets you feel overwhelmed with too much information.

Books For Dog Owners

Our Essential Guides for dog owners comprehensively cover dog care across 10 of the most popular breeds in the UK, with every book walking owners through important things to know about their dog, including vaccinations, microchips, insurance, healthy bodyweight, and more.

Each Essential Guides looks into every aspect of dog care, right from the initial overexcited pup years to the somewhat dramatic teenage years and adulthood. You’ll know which foods to feed your dog, which ones to avoid, what kind of exercises are best according to age and breed, or what to do in case of a health emergency. All this and much more is covered in a language that is very friendly, fun to read and easy to understand.

First Aid for Dogs: The Essential Guide details highly insightful information for dealing with pet emergencies, injuries and accidents. You’ll learn how to administer basic first aid to your dog in case of an emergency and know when to treat an injury at home or see a vet. If you’ve ever wanted to adopt a rescue dog, then Rescue Dogs: The Essential Guide is the only information source you need. Adopting rescue dogs is a quickly growing trend across the UK and happens to be the preferred method for many families who are interested in acquiring a pet. The guide covers everything you need to know before adopting a dog, and how to train and ‘re-home’ him/her to become your best friend!


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