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Books for cat lovers

Our First Aid for Cats The Essential Guide and Cat Care The Essential Guide both offer a wealth of information for cat lovers who want to give the best care possible to their beloved pet.

First Aid for Cats The Essential Guide is a unique guide filled with practical information that instructs the owner and gives guidance for emergencies, accidents and injuries. Written in a light and easy language it stresses the importance of knowing what to do in the time between discovery and getting the cat to the vet.

The book contains a full array of the general treatment needed for a variety of health issues that can affect cats. These include choking, bandaging, medication, bleeding, burns, heatstroke and hypothermia and other common injuries and illnesses.

Cat Care The Essential Guide is a useful resource packed with all the information one needs to provide the best care possible for your cat from infancy to adulthood. Not only does the book cover the vast amount of general things to consider about owning and caring for a cat more specific issues are covered. These include: The early years and the cat ‘teenager’. What a cat should eat and drink and foods that are dangerous. Basic first aid is also covered in easy to read language that guides the owner on the best course of action to take before the cat gets to the vet in case of an accident.

Books for dog lovers

It is estimated that there are more than 8 million dogs in the UK and for centuries they have proudly earned the badge of ‘man’s best friend’. Our Essential Guides have been written for the 10 most popular dog breeds in the UK and serve as a useful resource to help dog owners provide the best care possible for their beloved best friend.

Each book walks the owner through ‘essential things to know’ including: microchips, vaccinations, insurance, and weight. All aspects of care are covered for each breed from the puppy years, teen-age years, through to adulthood. Important information  such as dangerous foods to avoid, exercise and feeding are covered in simple and easy to read language.

Our First Aid for Dogs The Essential Guide is a unique book that gives practical informative help for dealing with accidents, injuries and emergencies. Basic first aid is included such as bandaging and medication to help  the owner in case of injury between discovery and getting the dog or puppy to the vet.

For anyone who is considering adopting a rescue dog our Rescue Dogs The Essential Guide is an invaluable book to own. Adopting a rescue dog is fast becoming the preferred method of acquiring a family pet. The essential guide addresses the major points one should consider before taking in a dog and re-homing it.

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Despite its title, our free e-book “10 ways to kill a cat” isn’t advocating that you do anything of the sort. we simply wanted to draw your attention to the fact that while cats have earned the reputation of having nine lives, in reality, your kitty is constantly under threat from a diverse range of hazards.

While the statistics issued by the Royal Veterinary Collage don’t make pleasant bedtime reading for owners, we firmly believe that you can look after your feline friend much better if you are forewarned and well-informed. The statistics collected from primary animal care practitioners across the UK site that the majority of feline fatalities are the result of trauma (mostly following a traffic incident)….

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