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Pet Care Book Company With An Undying Passion For Cat And Dog Care

At Pet Perfect, we’re more than just a company publishing ‘pet care books’ – we are primarily dog and cat lovers, and fully understand the intricacies involved in providing high-quality care for your beloved friend.

Our range of pet books originally stemmed from the renowned UK publishing company, Need2Know Books, where we published titles like The Essential Guide to Dog Training and First Aid for Dogs, which were met with raving success and fantastic reviews.

At this point, it was blatantly clear that we needed a dedicated imprint to publish a range of pet books which covered a broad range of topics – everything from breed-specific general care to nutrition, first aid, dealing with injuries and illnesses, etc.

As a result, Perfect-Pets Books was inaugurated in 2019, with the book titles being published by BX Plans Ltd., owner of both Need2Know Books ad BX Plans. A great deal of research and scientific know-how has gone into our books – but written in a way that’s friendly, easy to understand, and instantly relatable to the average pet owner in the UK.

The Essential Guides cover many topics to help pet owners provide the best care possible for their cat or dog, and include everything you need to know about vaccinations, nutrition, first aid basics, insurance, breed-specific dog care, the best way to train your dog, and more.

Our books for cat owners or books for dog owners can either be purchased directly from our website, or from Amazon and participating bookshops across the UK.

Aside from our love and passion for creating thorough and well-researched Essential Guides for cat care, dog care and dog training, we also enjoy collaborating with influencers, bloggers, editors or organisations who share our philosophy, vision and mission – if you have an idea you want to share or want to learn more about the pet care books we publish, do get in touch with us.

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