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What Rights Do I have to Bring My Dog to Work?

Bring Your Dog to Work Day is on the 21st of June. It’s a special day when dog owners can bring their fur babies to work with them. Of course, not all workplaces are equal and the practicality of bringing a dog to work may not be feasible depending on the type of work done. However, it is a day where these issues are openly discussed and shared to change outdated perceptions and attitudes for the better.

What the Law Says

In general, UK contact law states that “pets can be brought to work as long as there are no specific laws breached”. Surprisingly, there are no general laws restricting employees or employers from bringing pets or dogs to work, but it depends on the type of workplace and the culture of that work environment.

In addition, it is important to note that contact law warns “An employer is under no obligation to allow employees to bring pets into the workplace.”

Whether or not an owner can bring their pet to work depends on the employer and what they say – this can differ between employers across the UK.

Issues that surround these discussions depend on health and safety concerns. Allergies are a big problem for some co-workers which can create resistance for owners. Dog fur can be very off-putting for some people plus dogs need ample space to play (when they are puppies) so this needs to be factored in. Keeping your dog in your office can work well if you have your own private office, but if you work in an open floor environment this flags up safety risks.

Benefits for All

Bringing your dog into the work environment does have many benefits. Having a pet in the office is a great stress reliever and many work environments are better off for having them. Younger dogs will want to wander and play which can be seen as a good or bad thing by co-workers as they find other playmates, besides their owners, to give them attention.

If your work environment practices a flexible work culture the benefits to a dog and its owner are overwhelmingly positive. Sharing the day with one another in a different environment outside of the home can be very comforting for a dog and help with socialisation. Their presence can also foster camaraderie among co-workers.

Obstacles to Overcome

If you feel confident and would like to take your dog to work regularly discuss your request with management and co-workers. Due to Covid and the introduction of flexible working, many work environments are more amenable to trying new things.

It is important to get permission first as many commercial leases may prevent pets from being brought onto premises.

Even if your dog has a sociable personality and is well-trained being in a different environment can cause them to act differently. A business is liable for personal injury to a staff member, client, customer, and delivery person. Any accidents could lead to a lawsuit.

Dogs love to investigate and can get into all sorts of trouble in an office so be prepared for accidental damage to the office space, co-workers, and their personal property. Having appropriate insurance and indemnity cover could be a requirement before your pooch steps foot indoors. Be prepared for all these issues to be raised if you would like to bring your dog into the office with you.

For advice and useful tips on giving the right care to your dog including dog training, first aid, and more visit the Perfect-Pets website.

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