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Perfect-Pets Books spotlights exciting blogs, interesting pets and people that bring joy and life to the pet world.

This month JHartPortraits are in the Spotlight and we’re giving it a perfect paws up.

JHartPortraits is a business that provides their customers with beautiful, custom portraits of their pets in a modern style at affordable prices. The personality of whatever animal has been drawn is always reflected perfectly within the portraits.

Jemma can draw anything fluffy, including but not limited to cats, dogs and horses. Not only does she provide her customers with a beautiful portrait of their pet, she can also supply a wide range of products such as key-rings, phone cases, mugs, cushions etc. with the portrait of their pet on.

The portraits are perfect for any pet lover!

Cat Chat With Caren and Cody was created in 2009 after a company down-sizing in 2007 forced me to “re-invent” myself. After 20+ years spent in the world of Advertising, finding myself without a job, A PURPOSE, was deeply depressing. After seeing the movie “Julie and Julia” I decided I wanted to begin blogging, the question was “What to write about?” So, I turned to one of my biggest passions, CATS. The blog began as simply “Cat Chat” (until I discovered that Martha Stewart had a blog by that name and you don’t mess with Martha!), then it evolved into “Cat Chat With Caren and Cody.” It is dedicated to my beloved “Bobo” who allowed me to share his life for 18 wonderful years. He passed in 2007.  It is also dedicated to my current snuggle bug, and co-author of this blog,  “Cody” who helped alleviate my heartache after my beloved Bobo passed.

It has always been my goal that our blog be a warm, cozy and inviting place for cat lovers from all over the world, where they can come and relax, laugh, love and learn even more about these amazing creatures that we hold so dear to our hearts through our product review, book reviews and so much more! 

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