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Pet Insurance from Pot Bellied Pigs to Parakeets

No matter what kind of pet you love having around, a good insurance plan will bring additional peace of mind.

Why there’s a general need for pet insurance

Pet insurance protects you against unexpected costs related to your beloved pet, with the most common one being vet bills. It can also cover dental costs for your pet, As well as these costs it can also cover you against a third-party liability – e.g. where your pet may have caused harm to another person or property.

Comprehensive pet insurance plans can cover treatment for more serious health conditions and behavioural problems. They may also cover loss of your pet by illness or injury, as well as theft. There are some plans that even cover cattery and kennel fees – when your dog must stay at the hospital for 4 days or more – and any emergency treatment needed while travelling abroad.

Many owners argue that they don’t need pet insurance and write it off as an ‘extra expense’. However, ask yourself this: “How would I deal with a pet bill should it ever come unexpectedly?”

Pet costs, depending on the treatment and where you are in the UK, can run between hundreds and even thousands of pounds.

Owner and breeder insurance explained

Pet owner insurance

Even though your pet, be it a cat, dog, pony, pig, or a weird and wonderful exotic creature may be your best friend, it can also be a private liability risk.

Animals do have a tendency to act and react instinctively, which is why in some parts of the UK and USA pet owner liability has been made mandatory for dog owners in particular.

A pet owner liability insurance cover is very useful if you have dogs, ponies, horses or donkeys as pets, because you could be 100% liable for any damage they may cause.

If anyone files a personal injury claim against you as a result of your pet ‘attacking’ or injuring them, you may be liable to settle a six-seven figure claim!

Breeder’s insurance

Probably more than any other group of pet professionals, breeders face certain liabilities from something called a “completed operations exposure”.

For instance, after the sale of a pet, if the new owner takes issue with their pet in any way or is generally not happy with an expensive purchase, they can file a claim in light of disclosure of sale. This puts not only breeders but their entire team and business on a whole at risk – a source of looming worry which prevents them from effectively conducting business. This is where dog breeding insurance comes into play, protecting breeders against completed operations exposure.

By getting breeder’s insurance, animal breeding companies can gain a higher level of trust from their respective clients, have coverage for any property in their clients’ homes, as well as coverage for any medical and vet bills arising from bites or other altercations, etc.

Exotic pet insurance

Coverage for your exotic pet, such as a special kind of bird, reptile, potbellied pig, hamster, etc., is always useful as it covers accidents and illnesses – in addition to lab examination and vet fees, X-rays, prescriptions, hospitalisation and more.

How to select the right pet insurer?

Finding the right insurance plan means that you must be aware of your pet’s medical history and how much you’re willing to spend on insurance. The higher the premium, the more comprehensive the coverage will be.

You could take a look at https://www.britishpetinsurance.co.uk/

They have owners and breeders plans for almost all types of pets.

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