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Let Which Cat? Decide the Purrfect Companion for You

Perfect-Pets books have published a new guide entitled Which Cat? An Essential Guide to Britain’s 20 Most Popular Breeds. This beautiful guide is illustrated throughout with full colour photographs and is not just an essential reference guide, it is a book that all the family can enjoy to help cat lovers decide which breed is best for them.

Cat ownership is one of the most consistently high statistics in many Western countries. In the UK, supposedly a nation of dog lovers, more households (25%) actually own cats than dogs. In the US, that figure is nearly half, at a staggering 47%. The fact is that owning at least one cat makes a lot of people very happy. As they are independent, intelligent creatures, many people prefer cats because they are “lower maintenance” than dogs; and in some ways they are. For those who lead busy lives, not having to worry about getting home to exercise their pet can be relaxing in itself.

Most cats share a number of common characteristics: Four legs; two ears and they go meow. There are, however, certain traits in a breed that need to be considered: Will your cat be ‘family friendly’? Some cats enjoy the company a family can give – some prefer to remain alone and aloof. Will your kitten be prone to illness? Some cats are very ‘low maintenance’ – others cry out for constant care. Some cats love to wander about outdoors – some rarely leave the house. With an endless list of questions Which Cat? helps to guide and answer many of them.

Cats thrive on human companionship, from people of all ages, starting with babies all the way to the very elderly. They can be a great source of comfort and knowing the right cat to choose to become part of a family unit is an extremely important decision to make. That’s why Which Cat? has been developed with the cat lover in mind. Delving into all things ‘cat’ the essential guide discusses the pros and cons of each breed.

Twenty of the most popular top breeds include short haired favourites such as the Tonk, the Burmese and the American short hair, which is a common cat in the Western world.  Medium long-haired lovables such as the Turkish Van, the Himalayan and Nebelung are also included as are long haired lap cats like the Raggamuffin who are balls of fun or the luxurious and silky long haired Turkish Angora.

Large or small; short or long haired; Which Cat? has a variety of breeds to choose from with concise information. Topics discussed include their history; personality; health conditions to be aware of; how to groom; child and family friendliness; intelligence and playfulness. For families with other pets in the home such as dogs, suitability is discussed to give potential owners a full overview of the breed’s likes and dislikes.

Which Cat? is the latest addition to the Perfect-Pets Essential Guides for Cats and is available from the website or Amazon. All aspects of cat care are covered in case of injury In First Aid for Cats; and how to take care of your cat in Cat Care the Essential Guide. First Aid for Cats has also been translated into Welsh. There is lots of useful information on the Perfect-Pets website to help cat lovers give the best care possible to their feline friend. How to Kill Your Cat is a free eBook which is available to download that covers the top issues that can endanger a cat’s life from a diverse range of hazards.

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