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Get free access to Cat Care The Essential Guide

A must have book for cat owners and potential cat owners. It explains what to do when dealing with a new kitten and throughout the lifetime of the cat as it becomes the pet and companion it is meant to be.

Not only does the book cover the vast amount of general things to consider about owning and caring for a cat more specific issues are covered.

These include: The early years and the cat ‘teenager’. What the cat should eat and drink and foods that are dangerous. Basic first aid is covered (before the cat gets to the vet).

The correct insurance for the cat is a detail not overlooked.

Much more is covered in the book in everyday language that makes it easy to use and understand. Cat Care: The Essential Guide is a must for every cat owner.

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Despite its title, our free e-book “10 ways to kill a cat” isn’t advocating that you do anything of the sort. we simply wanted to draw your attention to the fact that while cats have earned the reputation of having nine lives, in reality, your kitty is constantly under threat from a diverse range of hazards.

While the statistics issued by the Royal Veterinary Collage don’t make pleasant bedtime reading for owners, we firmly believe that you can look after your feline friend much better if you are forewarned and well-informed. The statistics collected from primary animal care practitioners across the UK cite that the majority of feline fatalities are the result of trauma (mostly following a traffic incident).

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