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Best Dogs for Companionship

Every day is Dog Day at Perfect Pets, but did you know that Thursday 26th August really is Interational Dog Day? That’s right! A whole day dedicated to your favourite furry companions. To celebrate, we wanted to talk about some of our favourite dog breeds. These breeds really are the creme de la creme of companionship.

If you want a dog that takes the phrase “man’s best friend” to a whole new level, you need a companion breed. These are the dogs that thrive in a human pack. Whatever activity you’re doing, a companion dog is less interested in herding and guarding and more interested in sitting with you. They’re exceptionally loving, eager to please and highly companionable.

A companion dog will stay by your side whether you’re working around the house, watching TV or going for a walk. Some will make ideal companions for seniors, while others will work best in a household with a few kids. Whatever your situation, there will be a companion dog in this list for you.

What Makes a Companion Dog?

The American Kennel Club toy group is where you’ll find many of the most pup-ular companion dog breeds. Terriers, sporting and hound dogs can also be great pals. You’ll find companion dogs with various energy levels, and of all shapes and sizes.

Best Breeds

Bichon Frise

Activities: Rally, conformation, agility, obedience
Coat: Medium
Colour: Mostly white, though some can have shadings of apricot, light gold or cream
Weight: Between 12 and 18 lbs
Height: Between 9.5 and 11.5 inches

The Bichon Frise enjoys the company of children and other dogs and is generally gentle-mannered, sensitive, affectionate and an excellent family companion. They’re always eager to perform for the people they love and this makes them really easy to train. They require regular exercise and love to keep active.

The small, sturdy body of the Bichon Frise holds an incredible amount of personality. They’re often referred to as outstanding “personality dogs” by organisations like the American Kennel Club (AKC).

You can learn more about Bichon Frises and many other dog breeds in Which Dog? An Essential Guide to Britain’s 20 Most Popular Breeds from Perfect Pets.

Remember: In order for a dog to be a suitable companion, no matter how friendly and intelligent the breed, all dogs will need plenty of training and socialisation. Individual personalities can differ widely even between dogs of the same breed.


Size: Small
Coat: Long and straight with feathering
Colour: White with markings in lemon, brown, sable or black
Weight: Between 6 and 10 lbs
Height: Between 8 and 11 inches

Always on the lookout for fun, the papillon sports a lively expression and alert ears. This breed is great with kids, and their playful nature makes them a great family dog. Their playful nature means they are beloved by children, and they were a favourite of European royalty throughout history.

The papillon is petite in size, and is considered a toy spaniel. Mental stimulation and exercise are a daily essential, as this breed is quite bright and energetic. For just a morsel of green bean, they’ll happily do a few somersaults, shake your hand and play dead.


Energy: Low
Coat: Short or long
Colour: Wide range of colours including silver-grey, black, white and fawn
Weight: Up to 6 lbs
Height: Between 5 and 8 inches

Chihuahuas have prominent ears and an alert expression. Happiest curled up in their human’s lap, chihuahuas tend to develop a strong bond with their owners and enjoy spending time with them. This breed adapts to life in a house or an apartment equally well, but is quick to sound the alarm if someone new comes onto their turf. Chihuahuas can be wary of strangers, so be sure to socialise them from an early age to help develop a friendly demeanor.


Energy: Low
Coat: Smooth
Colour: A range of colours, either striped or solid
Weight: Between 19 and 28 lbs
Height: Between 11 and 13 inches

The French Bulldog makes an ideal companion thanks to its easy going and friendly nature. They don’t need room to roam or a big garden, which makes them very popular with those of us living in flats. Frenchies are generally known to be relaxed and calm, though they will of course benefit from a solid walk or two every day. This petite bulldog’s even-tempered personality makes them the perfect choice for anyone looking for an affectionate companion dog. You’ll love the French Bulldog’s erect ears, compact build, large head and short snout.

Golden Retriever

Activities: Therapy and service dog work
Coat: Medium
Colour: Ranges from brown to light golden
Weight: Between 55 and 65 lbs in females; 65 to 75 lbs in males
Height: Between 21.5 and 22.5 inches in females; 23 to 24 inches in males

Golden Retrievers simply won’t let you be a stranger – their affectionate and sweet temperament will not allow it. Anyone who wants a canine that is people-pleasing, extremely friendly and easygoing will love this companion dog. Golden Retrievers are highly attentive to human needs and have a pleasant disposition, paired with a large head and expressive eyes.

Shih Tzu

Energy: Medium
Coat: Long double coat
Colour: Wide range
Weight: Between 9 and 16 lbs
Height: Between 8 and 11 inches

A historical favourite of Chinese emperors, Shih Tzus are believed to have originated in Tibet. Potential intruders were foiled when these small dogs sounded the alarms, and they also made very successful lap warmers. Human companions are an absolute must for Shih Tzus today. They are adaptable to life in a flat or a house and are sturdy but petite with a round face and short snout.

Still want more information about your new furry friend? You can find information about all of these dog breeds – and many more – at perfect-pets.org.


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