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6 Fun Facts About Our Feline Friends

Perfect-Pets books have published a new guide entitled Which Cat? An Essential Guide to Britain’s 20 Most Popular Breeds. This beautiful guide is illustrated throughout with full colour photographs and is not just an essential reference guide, it is a book that all the family can enjoy to help cat lovers decide which breed is best for them.

Cat ownership is one of the most consistently high statistics in many Western countries. In the UK, supposedly a nation of dog lovers, more households (25%) actually own cats than dogs. In the US, that figure is nearly half, at a staggering 47%. The fact is that owning at least one cat makes a lot of people very happy. But even for those who own a cat there is still much to learn about their feline friend. Here are six fun facts that Perfect-Pets Books have discovered that will tickle the mind and help owners to appreciate just how wonderful cats truly are.

Fun fact: Cats have a long history dating back thousands of years

  1. It is believed that the oldest domesticated breed of cat in the world is the Egyptian Mau. It is because Egyptian Maus have been found mummified alongside pharaohs to keep them company and provide safety and guidance in the afterlife. The Siamese cat is also an ancient breed and one of the oldest who descend from the ancient sacred temple cats in Siam (modern-day Thailand). The Siamese is a very old breed and was very close to the hearts of Royalty and Buddhist monks alike

Fun fact:  Cats Spend 70% of their time sleeping

  1. If you have ever owned a cat you will know they love to sleep. Cats are predators and it’s naturally common that predator animals sleep for longer periods during the days. Research shows that cats usually spend 13-16 hours a day in sleep and if they are extremely tired this can be up to 24 hours.

Fun fact: Cats can dream

  1. Yes it’s true cats can dream! In 1959 Dr Jouvet, a neurophysiologist, who discovered the secrets of REM sleep first began his sleep experiments on cats. He analysed muscle atonia (paralysis) during REM sleep. He found that both cats and humans show slight muscle tension and low brain activity which he labelled REM, “paradoxical sleep” when the brain is active, and the body is still. He determined that a structure within the brainstem called the pons governed cats’ REM sleep. The pons is responsible for basic biological functions, like breathing and sensory perception. Research has since confirmed that human beings have brain structures that govern REM sleep similar to those found in cats. Most warm-blooded animals, like mammals and birds, have periods of REM sleep.

Fun fact: House cats share 95.6% of their genetic makeup with tigers

  1. A recent study has found that tigers perhaps the most fearsome of the world’s big cats, shares 95.6 percent of its DNA with the domesticated cat. So when you see a cat crouched in a patch of grass waiting to pounce on its prey know that its killer behaviour is genetic.

Fun fact: Cats can run up to 30mph

  1. This is an amazing fact! Yes, the average healthy housecat can rival the world’s top sprinters. Interesting preys for cats include little creatures like mice which gets their attention and bodies moving.

Fun fact: Cats can be trained to perform tricks

  1. If you thought dogs had an advantage over cats as they can be trained to perform crowd pleasing tricks, think again. Cats can be trained too! Cats can be trained to do tricks and the cat breeds that are the easiest to train include: the Abyssinian, Siamese, Bengal, Burmese and Scottish Fold.

So, there you have it. Six great facts about cats to remind us about their greatness. Which Cat? is the latest addition to the Perfect-Pets Essential Guides for Cats and is available from the website or Amazon. All aspects of cat care are covered in case of injury In First Aid for Cats; and how to take care of your cat in Cat Care the Essential Guide. First Aid for Cats has also been translated into Welsh. There is lots of useful information on the Perfect-Pets website to help cat lovers give the best care possible to their feline friend. How to Kill Your Cat is a free eBook which is available to download that covers the top issues that can endanger a cat’s life from a diverse range of hazards.

Visit www.perfect-pets.org for further information about all of the Essential Guides available for both cats and dogs. To receive a 30% discount enter code: Perfect1 at checkout.

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